20767888_10159330309580045_8763129215275516180_nI’m Lily, a 23 year old living in London. With a passion for fitness and travel, coupled with a strife for success I set aside some time in 2017 to embrace my belief that living a healthy lifestyle, experiencing new cultures whilst undertaking a full-time career is neither a burden nor strain, but a necessity in our day-to-day balance.

Whilst the fear of entering a gym, going for a run, spending money on adventures abroad may appear daunting to many, I hope to ring true the message that, without losing sight of living a balanced life & without making unrealistic goals and unwanted sacrifices we can encompass the good things in life in a realistic, affordable and ultimately healthier manner.

Having completed my first marathon April 2016, and second shortly after in November, an additional goal is to complete the World Marathon Majors Series in 2018. Having completed Berlin in 2017, I have Tokyo, Boston, London & Chicago lined up for 2018.

2017 saw me enter my first Ultra-Marathon – The Race to the Stones – 100km in one day along the UK’s oldest footpath. An achievement I never dreamed of achieving. However, it also brought me my first serious injury that has put me out for 6 months. Following this I have learnt the importance of training in an educated manner, and I hope 2018 will allow me to continue to learn from this.

The Habit Hunter x