Travel To | Seminyak, Bali

After a week of island life on Gili T & Gili Air it was time to head back to the mainland (after the most turbulent boat ride of my life.. I didn’t actually realise I suffer from sea sickness, but apparently I do)! Needless to say it was not pretty. However, I made it back in one piece and the next pit stop on my travels was Seminyak.

I’d heard mixed things about Seminyak prior to arriving, so I only booked myself to stay for a couple of days. Quite honestly, this was enough. Not because it wasn’t great, but I felt like I’d conquered the area in 48hrs.


1. Revolver Espresso
2. The Moose
3. Pison Coffee



1. Sisterfields Cafe
2. Sacred Ground
3. Grain


1. Cafe Organic
2. Nalu Bowls @ Shelter
3. Watercress


1. Motel Mexicola
2. Bikini
3. Bambu



1. Dash Hotel – for Millennial madness
2. W Bali – for beachside perfection
3. The Legian – for lux upon the beach

Looking for somewhere more reasonable in Bali?  (without sacrificing style)


1. Head to Potato Head Beach Club
2. Sip sundowners at Ku De Ta
3. Go horse riding on the beach
4. Get a massage at Bodyworks

The Habit Hunter x

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