Travel To | Ubud, Bali

Having planned this trip for the past 3 months it seems pretty surreal now that I’ve actually arrived. Having stumbled off the plane in Singapore, I had time to stroll to the gate and board the next plane to Bali, 3 hours later and I’d arrived at my first pit stop, Ubud.

Remember Eat, Pray, Love? – Yep, that’s Ubud. Think luscious green rice paddies, yogis galore and the most unreal food I’ve ever had. Needless to say, this place did not disappoint.


1. Seniman Coffee Studio
2. Freak Coffee
3. Monkey Cave Espresso


1. Folk Pool & Gardens
2. Copper Kitchen
3. Habitat Cafe


1. Alchemy
2. Gluten Free Kitchen
3. Seeds of Life


1. Locavore – for a cosy vibe & epic cuisine
2. Bridges – for riverside views
3. Kubu at Mandapa – for top notch Balinese


1. Bisma Eight – for Jungle luxury
2. COMO Shambhala – for a real retreat, at a real treat price!
3. Cloud Nine – for a hilltop escape

Looking for somewhere more reasonable in Bali?  (without sacrificing style)


1. Climb Mount Batur
2. Campuhan Ridge Trail
3. Indulge in smoothie bowls
4. Take a trip to Tegenungan Waterfalls
5. Ogle at the beauty of Tegallalang Rice Terrace
6. Swing from the treetops at Bali Swing

The Habit Hunter x

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