Bali Budget Accommodation… with style

So I’ve had a few questions since posting a couple of photos of places I’m staying whilst travelling – one being the incredible Bisma Eight hotel in Ubud, Bali – about how I’m budgeting for my trip, and how I can afford to travel for months staying in places like Bisma Eight, Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle & Renaissance Uluwatu.

No I don’t have an endless pot of money to frivolously splurge on fancy hotels, I will in fact be spending 90% of my trip in hostels. However, I’m very much on the side of the fence that advocates for ‘Stop Wishing – Start Doing’, hence the reason for my trip in the first place. Firstly, unlike many travellers, I’m not fresh out of school or university, I’ve spent the last 2 years working, and saving (albeit a restricted savings pot thanks to London living costs). Hence, I’ve got a little more flexibility to upgrade every now and again throughout the trip.

Whilst I’m more than keen to share my thoughts on these beautiful hotels, this post is really about the other 90% of my accommodation – the ‘budget’ side. When going travelling, everyone’s budget is different, but when it comes to hostels, you’re rarely looking at a crazy price differential between places, and with a little research I’ve managed to bag some bargains, without sacrificing a bit of luxury on the way. So here’s my round-up of my top 5 spots for accommodation in Bali (and the Gili Islands) and where I’ll be spending the month of July (ps.. I’ll be giving you my fully fledged honest opinion after the stay – but if Photos & Trip Advisor grant any credibility then I reckon you can bank on these):

  1. The Farm, Cangguimg_660_442_hostel-di-_15272471177
  2. Bread and Jam, Kuta52018503
  3. Captain Coconuts, Gili Aircaptain-coconuts-gili-air
  4. M Box, Gili Trawangan124211489
  5. Dash Hotel, Seminyak (hostel prices)dash-hotel-seminyak-bali
    The Habit Hunter x


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