Travel To | Stockholm

When I signed up to the Stockholm Half Marathon at the beginning of the summer, it seemed only right to make a girly weekend of it when it came around in September. So as a birthday surprise, I whisked off my best-friend and off we went to frolic the Scandinavian streets in search of the best spots in town. Anyone who knows me, knows my slight coffee addiction, so when I heard about the Swede’s concept of “Fika”, this was something I was going to seriously embrace.

Fika (Swedish pronunciation: [²fiːka]) is a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning “to have coffee”, often accompanied with pastries.


1. Drop Coffee
2. Cafe Pascal
3. Snickarbacken 7


1. Pom & Flora
2. Pascal
3. Oaxen Slip


1. Meatballs for the People
2. Lilla Ego
3. Kott osk Fiskbaren


1. Haymarket Hotel
2. Ett Hem
3. Story Hotel


Nordiska Kompaniet
Acne Archive

The Habit Hunter x

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