Insight Into | Taking on The Race to the Stones

A couple of hours have gone by now since clicking the ‘Register Now’ button for 2017 Race to the Stones, reality has hit — and I’m not entirely sure what I’ve done. In hindsight it perhaps would’ve been better to have spent a couple of hours before entering reading others race reviews rather than leaving that until post-registration! The fear has hit and the 100km challenge is upon me.

For anyone who, just like me up until this morning, has very little idea about Race to the Stones and what it it, here’s a brief breakdown:
– The UKs No.1 Trail Run
– Covering 100km through the North Wessex Downs
– Climbing hills, stumbling trail tracks & descending amongst iron-age forts
– Needless to say.. a pretty extreme challenge

So the registration process began, and I was provided with a few options:
1. Undertake half the challenge of 50km on the Saturday
2. Undertake half the challenge of 50km on the Saturday
3. Undertake the 100km race over 2 days (50km each day)
4. Take on the full 100km in one day
— and sticking true to my competitive (and perhaps a little idiotic) nature, most of you will be unsurprised to hear I have opted for option 4 (aka… taking on death).

Whilst it’s not the first ultra run I have entered into having run the West Highland Way over a couple of days last year, it the first I have entered into as a one day event, and considering my training for marathons tends to focus on lots of 8/10km runs as opposed to the recommended ‘long runs’ I may need to up the ante over the next few months.

When Is It?
Race to the Stones 2017 is on Saturday 15th July starting nice and sprightly at 7am.

Why Am I Doing It?
Over and above just loving to challenge myself every now and then, this race is a little different for me. Whilst I support those who undertake running events for charity, many of you may have realised my lack of charitable support when it comes to entering distance races in the past. This is not due to an inert nature of lacking in sympathy, generosity or sincerity – but merely a moral belief that with running becoming more of an enjoyable hobby than anything else I don’t believe I should ask people to pay for me to complete something I love for the sake of gaining a free race entry. Therefore, up until now, all races I have ever completed have been completely self-supported & funded. However, this one is a little different (I’m not descending upon a sob story don’t worry)!

But this to me is real challenge – something that in hindsight is probably looking a taking me well over 15 hours to complete which means running through the dark of the night (most likely by myself for a lot of it) and without the support of friends and family really will be verging on impossible to complete. I have therefore opted to take the challenge in support of Cancer Research. A charity that has supported a variety of my own family and close friends as well as an abundance of others around the globe, and one which I am sure many of you will agree are more than deserving of support.

Therefore, I ask of you, whether it be the mere £2.80 you’d spend on your Starbucks Coffee during your morning commute please support me in this ridiculous quest of putting my body through the works for a great cause and one which will spur me to cross the line whether it be still using my semi-functioning legs or through a mere hands and feet crawl over the finish!

Please Click to Donate Here

The Habit Hunter x


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