Top 5 | Free Fitness Classes in London

Blue Monday has been and gone, but let’s be honest, the bank account is still taking a hit — December’s pay-check is out of the window on Christmas presents, Dry January turned into “I can’t survive January without a drink’, and you’re counting down the days until January’s payslip arrives into the account. 

Not only have you got the bank account blues, but you’re getting “Special January Deals” from each and every gym you’ve ever engaged with (regardless of whether you’ve ever actually made it through the threshold of their door) , telling you to come and lose that extra Christmas “warmth”. But…. you can’t afford it! Vicious cycle right? 

So here’s the lowdown on losing that ‘Christmas warmth’ all for the lofty price of £0. 

1. Nike+ Run Club 

THE HABIT HUNTER’S RECOMMENDATION: For those just starting out try their Tuesday night ‘Ready Set Go Run’ session & for those looking for a jaunter around the streets of London, hit up their ‘Home Run’ on a Thursday (6:34pm.. still not sure why they are so precise).

WHERE: Check for Locations
WHEN: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

2. Tribe Tempo Tuesdays

THE HABIT HUNTER’S RECOMMENDATION: For the novices or even most experienced upon us, the Tribe running community caters for everyone. The Tuesday Tempo sessions provide a shake-up to your mundane long-run — and even better you can’t treat yourself to a free Tribe bar/shake post-session.

WHERE:  The Tea Building, Shoreditch 
WHEN: Tuesdays – Usually 6:30pm or 6:45pm 

3. Sweaty Betty Free Workout Classes 

THE HABIT HUNTER’S RECOMMENDATION: If you’re wanting to push yourself after your Christmas indulgence, head to the HIIT class. But for those wanting to ease into their exercise regime the experts at Sweaty Betty really know their stuff when it comes to Yoga and Pilates (Plus — it’s a great excuse to ‘invest’ in some of their clothing).

WHERE: Check for Locations
WHEN: Everyday 

4. Reebok Fithub 

THE HABIT HUNTER’S RECOMMENDATION: Mix it up and head to the Reebok Fithub in Covent Garden for a variety of HIIT/CrossFit style classes.

WHERE: Covent Garden
WHEN: Tuesday & Wednesday 

5. Lululemon Run & Yoga 

THE HABIT HUNTER’S RECOMMENDATION: Their partner events with Chasing Lights Collective are a one-off and provide those with a ‘fear of running’ reassurance that it’s much less dull when you’re all in it together and can begin to enjoy it! 

WHERE: Check for Locations
WHEN: Check for Timings

The Habit Hunter x 


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