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Welcome to The Habit Hunter

Inspired through planning for a European inter-railing trip back in 2013, my passion for travel, sourcing great places to eat and exploring the less generic side of a city escape became clear. Following this trip, I have been fortunate enough to continue ticking off the travel bucket list, through spending a summer working in Shanghai and Hong Kong, studying abroad for a year in Barcelona and taking girly weekends away amidst it all. It was only recently when I realised the 30-odd thousand photos on my phone from these adventures were being wasted, and my family and friends encouraged me to start documenting it a little bit more publicly. This led me to The Habit Hunter — something I vow for 2017 (and hopefully the future) will remain at the forefront of my travelling, lifestyle and fitness experiences, and (fingers crossed) be of interest to others. 

Coupled with entering my first 10km shortly after returning from the European trip my passion for running was spurred on too. Originally undertaken as an extra measure to keep fit for the hockey season, but soon became clear this was a hobby that wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 10km led to a half-marathon, which followed with entering my first marathon in Paris in April 2016. Having recently got back from completing my second marathon in New York, and having spent a weekend running the 100km trail of the West Highland Way in Scotland I realised I had just about accumulated enough experience to be able to document this aspect of my life too. 

I’m hoping through The Habit Hunter, there will be something for everyone, whether this be ideas for city breaks abroad, things to do and explore with a London lifestyle-twist, or an insight into my fitness goals, and plan to complete the World Marathon Majors by 2018 — all whilst holding down a full-time job in London. I’m totally new to this, I’m neither an experienced writer nor blogger just a 22 year old with a desire to explore the world and keep fit whilst doing so. Any thoughts on the site are always welcomed and encouraged so please do get in touch, and more importantly enjoy! 

Love Always, 

The Habit Hunter x 

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